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New Jersey town wins PR with live-streaming video


In today’s digital age, tourism and hospitality is more competitive than ever. With travelers turning to the internet to research and plan their trips, having a strong online presence is crucial for attracting visitors to your locale. One powerful tool that can help boost tourist attractions is a live-streaming camera. Real-time views provide potential visitors with a compelling glimpse of what destinations have to offer. "We love EarthCam," said Christopher Vaz, borough administrator for Seaside Heights, New Jersey. "We've expanded from a single camera and are hoping to install two cameras in the coming weeks to offer the public more views of the town."

Behind the lens: live-streaming transforms tourism marketing

Live-streaming cameras offer potential visitors the opportunity to explore attractions from the comfort of their own homes. Whether it’s showcasing iconic landmarks, natural scenery, or vibrant streets, live streams capture the essence of your destination and inspire travelers to plan a visit. "EarthCam is a great promotional tool. It gives people that have been to Seaside before or want to go for the first time an opportunity to see what's happening here. They're live, so everything is like as it's happening," said Vaz. "On a certain level, some of our public, our consumers and visitors, have come to be attached to the cameras and having them available every day."


Unveil what's unique: showcase your destination's charm

Live-streaming cameras provide a dynamic way to engage with your audience in real-time. By hosting live events, such as concerts, festivals, or cultural celebrations, you can create buzz and excitement around your destination, encouraging travelers to experience it for themselves. Additionally, you can interact with viewers through social media platforms, answering questions and providing insider tips to enhance their experience.

Every destination has its own unique attractions and experiences that set it apart from the rest. Live-streaming cameras allow you to showcase these special features, whether it’s a breathtaking sunset, a bustling marketplace, or a thrilling outdoor adventure. By highlighting what makes your destination unique, you can capture the interest of travelers seeking memorable experiences. "We have a north facing camera in one of our buildings on the boardwalk. And we had an artist come and paint a compass. You stand in that spot, look up towards the camera and you can wave to family or friends, you know, literally on the other side of the world if they're streaming and they can take a screenshot on EarthCam," Vaz said.


Bring your website to life with real-time, sharable content

By integrating live-streaming cameras into your destination’s website and marketing materials, you can effectively build brand awareness and promote tourism. Live streams serve as a powerful marketing tool, attracting attention from potential visitors and keeping your destination top-of-mind as they plan their travels. "If you're a hotel vacation destination, you can promote your hotel through having a camera like this, "said Vaz. "I was planning to go to San Diego and leading up to the trip, step one for me was to find EarthCams nearby." Additionally, sharing captivating footage on social media channels can further extend your reach and attract new audiences.

TV & local partners amplify promotional value

Local live streams are of great value for local news organizations that regularly go-to-air with EarthCam content. "it's a very common part of News12 New Jersey's daily reporting, and I've seen the feed on other channels as well." Vaz explained. Once travelers arrive at your destination, live-streaming cameras can continue to enhance their experience. Whether they’re checking the weather at a beach resort or monitoring crowd levels at a theme park, live streams help visitors plan their itinerary. "I can walk into restaurants on the boardwalk and there's TV monitors on the wall that are streaming our camera," Vaz said. 


Multi-tasking with cameras to increase ROI

Live-streaming cameras also offer a powerful way to boost security around your destination by providing real-time monitoring of the area, deterring potential threats or illicit activities. This proactive approach not only instills a sense of safety among visitors but also allows authorities to promptly address any incidents that may arise. "Having cameras like EarthCam provides a secondary level of security for us," claimed Vaz. "In certain areas, we have not had the need to buy surveillance cameras because our county sheriff's department who provides police dispatch has these screens with our camera."